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This is the Day in which God's most excellent favors have been poured out upon men, the Day in which His most mighty grace hath been infused into all created things. ~ Bahá'u'lláh

Local History

There has been an active Bahá'í community in St. Albert since 1970. The first Local Spiritual Assembly of St. Albert -- a nine member body that guides the administrative affairs of the local community -- was elected in 1972. The St. Albert Bahá'í community is a diverse group of families and individuals from a variety of backgrounds such as First Nations, Iranian, Turkish, Croatian, South American and European.

Members of the St. Albert Bahá'í community come together regularily for prayer and devotional meetings, social and study gatherings, children's classes, Holy Day celebrations and more. Each year, to both celebrate and raise awareness of this principle, the St. Albert Baha'i community hosts a Unity In Diversity Concert.

For the past 10 years, the local Baha'i community has sponsored an awards ceremony in recognition of United Nations' International Women's Day. Each year women of St. Albert who have made outstanding contributions to our community are honored.